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Q: What is data recovery?

Data recovery is the process of retrieving deleted or inaccessible data from failed electronic storage platter such as computer hard disk drives, removable drives, optical devices, etc.

Your data can become inaccessible due to a software problem, computer virus, mechanical or electrical malfunction or a deliberate human act.

Q: What are the reasons for hard disk failure?

There are various reasons for hard disk failure, but we broadly can categorize it into two

Logical Issues : Usually in this kind of hard disk, platter will be fine but the data might be lost due to Formatting / Partition Table Corruption /Data in Shortcut Format/ Accidental Deletion/Virus Infection/OS Installation without taking backup.

Physical Issues : In these kinds of issues, the hard disk will not be detectable or there will be clicking noise or some of the components might be bad. In some cases the hard disk will be detectable, but data cannot be accessed due to bad sector.

Q: How long does the analysis take?

The time required for analysis depends on the problem of platter. It generally takes 3-4 hrs to analyze the device, but in rare scenario it could take longer.

Q: What is the analysis process?

All devices received go through an extensive analysis to determine the condition of the drive.

Step 1 – We will determine whether the problem is physical (hardware), logical (software structures) or both

Step 2 – If it is found to be physical, we will determine whether the needed parts for repair are in our inventory or if we have to resource them.

Step 3 – Once we establish access to the drive, we will make an absolute and complete backup of your hard disk to our server where the process will continue.

Step 4 – The next step is to evaluate the condition of the data structure & determine how much of the data is recoverable.

Step 5 – When the evaluation process is completed, we will contact you with the results of the evaluation & tell you the exact time frame required as also about the cost for recovery. We will need your approval to proceed further from this point.

Q: How long will it take for data retrieval?

For Logical issues like partition lost, folder deleted hard disks 4 hours to 8 hours. For Formatted / OS Reinstalled Hard disks one hour per GB which means that for a 10 GB hard disk, it will take 10 hours. For Hard disks with Platter problem estimated time will be known and informed only after Hard disk is analysed.

Q: How will the recovered data be given?

The recovered data can be given on a backup hard disk or any other storage devices i.e. Pen Drive, CD or DVDs. The backup hard disk, Pen Drive, CD or DVD’s should be supplied to us by the client / customer for copying the data

Q: What if the device is within the warranty?

If the device is within the warranty period we would inform you to take approval from the manufacturers and after successful recovery, we will take care of its replacement. In case data cannot be retrieved, we will check with the customers whether the Device has to be sent for replacement or not.

Q: What shall be the percentage of data recovery?

If the device has any logical issues, in such cases, 90% to 100% data is recoverable. If the device has physical issues, recovery percentage could be informed only after analysis.

Q: Will the device be reusable after recovery?

90% of the devices can be reusable, if the issue is Logical. If the issue is Physical, the status of the usability of the device will be known only when the data recovery is completed.

Q: In which situation, it is very difficult to recover lost data?

There are chances when the damage to the hard drive is so bad that data recovery is just not possible. This usually happens when the read / write heads actually “crash” or get severely damaged.

However, in a number of cases data recovery is possible at the time the damage first occurred. But would become non-recoverable when commercial recovery software is used. Such software is designed to recover data from working drives. If your drive has experienced a mechanical or electrical failure, the use of recovery software can cause permanent loss of your data.

Therefore, use of the right recovery software is necessary.