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PhotoRec Data Recovery

PhotoRec data recovery is a free file recovery tool that’s bundled with the TestDisk program. PhotoRec can scan a tough drive for deleted files and mechanically recover them to a location you specify. By default, PhotoRec can recover the most deleted information files that it will realize. If you want to specify the kinds of files it’ll restore, you’ll use the File choices screen to create these changes.

PhotoRec is file information recovery computer code designed to recover lost files together with video, documents, and archives from arduous disks, CD-ROMs, and lost footage (thus the picture Recovery name) from camera memory. PhotoRec ignores the filing system and goes when the underlying information, therefore it’ll still work even though your media’s filing system has been severely broken or reformatted.


PhotoRec is free – this open supply multi-platform application is distributed underneath the antelope General Public License (GPL v2+). PhotoRec may be a companion program to TestDisk, an associate app for convalescent lost partitions on a large sort of file systems and creating non-bootable disks bootable once more.


For a lot of safety, PhotoRec uses read-only access to handle the drive or memory card you’re close to recovering lost information from. Important: As shortly as a pic or file is accidentally deleted, otherwise you discover any missing, don’t save any further pics or files thereto device or disc drive; otherwise you will write your lost information. This implies that whereas victimization PhotoRec, you do not like better to write the recovered files to a similar partition they were held on. photorec data recovery


Photorec data will recover lost files a minimum of from




EXT2/EXT3 filesystem


ReiserFS includes some special optimizations focused around tails, a reputation for files, and finish parts of files that are smaller than a filesystem block. so as to extend performance, ReiserFS is ready to store files within the b*tree leaf nodes themselves, instead of storing the info elsewhere on the disk and informing thereto. Sadly, PhotoRec is not able to cope with this – that is why it does not work well with ReiserFS.


PhotoRec has been with success tested with varied moveable media players together with iPod and also the following Digital Cameras

Canon EOS300D, 10D

Casio Exilim EX-Z 750

HP PhotoSmart 620, 850, 935

Nikon Coolpix 775, 950, 5700

Olympus C350N, C860L, Mju four hundred Digital, Stylus 300

Sony Alpha DSLR, DSC-P9

Pentax K20D

Praktica DCZ-3.4


PhotoRec searches for proverbial file headers. If there’s no information fragmentation, which is commonly the case, it will recover the complete file. PhotoRec acknowledges and recovers various file formats, as well as nothing, Office, PDF, HTML, JPEG, and numerous graphics file formats. The complete list of file formats recovered by PhotoRec contains over 480 file extensions (about three hundred file families).


While most folks do regular back-ups of essential information, some set back the backup date till that awful day arrives—unexpectedly, within the blink of a watch, you suddenly understand all that precious information you gathered over months has disappeared.


Well, do not lose hope; there is PhotoRec to the rescue. a large list of a hundred and forty completely different file sorts like JPEG, MID, SQLite, Real Audio, MP3, .doc, Macromedia, .exe, .flv, VMware pictures, .chm, .bz2, Autocad, RAR, Adobe Photoshop pictures, etc, a square measure supported.


PhotoRec data is an associate degree ASCII text file multi-platform application distributed below the GPL. It’s a companion program to TestDisk, an associate degree application for ill lost partitions for numerous file systems, and creating disks bootable once more.

PhotoRec initially tries to seek out the info block (or cluster) size to recover these lost files. If the classification system isn’t corrupted, the worths are often scanned from the superblock (ext2/ext3/ext4) or volume boot record (FAT, NTFS). Otherwise, PhotoRec reads the media, sector by sector, looking for the primary 10 files, from which it calculates the block/cluster size from their locations. Once this block size is understood, PhotoRec reads the media block by block (or cluster by cluster). Every block is checked against signature info that comes with the program and has matured within the variety of files it will recover ever since PhotoRec’s initial version came out.


Data recovery

Frequently Asked Questions


  • How do I recover files from PhotoRec?

I recommend making a new folder on a separate drive from your operating system to recover the files. Use ‘enter’ to enter the folder and press ‘c’ to select it. Once selected the recovery process will start automatically. PhotoRec will create a subfolder named “recup_dir.


•Is PhotoRec completely free?

PhotoRec is free – this open source multi-platform application is distributed under GNU General Public License (GPL v2+)


•Can PhotoRec recover from the phone?

Can PhotoRec recover data from my phone/disk/USB key/… ? TestDisk & PhotoRec can store recovered data on any storage available from your computer. They can recover data from DAS and SAN storage. For NAS servers (QNAP, Synology…), TestDisk & PhotoRec need to run on the server itself.


•Is PhotoRec better than Recuva?

Summing everything up, it is evident that the clear winner is Recuva. Looking at the number of deleted files that were recovered, both Recuva, TestDisk PhotoRec, and IObit Undelete managed to retrieve the same number of files.






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