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Success Story
Data recovery from - dvr hard drive

Model: Western Digital 4TB DVR Hard Drive

We received an a DVR hard drive from one our client for data recovery, HDD analyzed and found head assembly defects and the same had to be replaced to recover the data, as the client was impatient and on a rush as the HDD had some important data related to his case. After working on the hard drive for nearly two weeks we were able to recover 100% data successfully.

Mr. Naveen Gudikote - data recovery from damaged DVR hard drive

Bangalore, Karnataka, India
Data Recovery from damaged Iomega NAS BOX hard drives

Model: lomega NAS Box

Our Server ( NAS Box) were all our company’s important documents,software and day to day data is stored suddenly got  messed-up and corrupted due to power fluctuation, the hard drives are not detecting and the data were not accessible. We consulted Data Storage Solutions, Bangalore.

We just had to wait patiently as the DSS team was working on priority to retrieve the data from the same. The data recovery process was completed successfully our data were handed over to us.

Tons of thanks to Data Storage Solutions.

Maspro Network Solutions Pvt Ltd - Iomega NAS Box data recovery from damaged hard drives

Bangalore, Karnataka, India
Data Recovery from Burnt Hard Drive

Model: Seagate 500GB Desktop HDD

One of our client brought to our office a hard drive which was burnt due to short circuit issue at their office premises, where the complete CPU was burnt, has the client had their accounts data and were in panic state came to our office for data recovery from their burnt HDD . We started the analysis process and came to know that the PCB Board was burnt along with the head assembly, we tired assembling the components which was gone bad and successfully recovered the data which was the most important data for the client.

Mr. Jai Prakash - data recovery from damaged hard drive

Bangalore, Karnataka, India
Data Recovery from damaged RAID-5 Configured hard drives

Model: Seagate 80GB X 4nos Raid HDD

One of our MNC Client’s server crushed which was RAID -5 configured Hard drive in which 3nos hard drive failed and was not detecting due to controller bad, client having their SQL data base files , we started the data recovery process and worked for 17days, after great effort we could be able to recover the data successfully.

MNC Client - Seagate 80GB data recovery from RAID-5 Configured hard drives

Bangalore, Karnataka, India