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“Experience Matters”

There are many ways for individuals and organizations today to acquire data protection/storage technology. But we know you will prefer to choose Data Storage Solutions (DSS) for Data Recovery Services as all your worries about any data loss, a disaster would vanish and in turn your productivity loss is quickly arrested as well when you rely and trust on us. We are here to serve you the best data recovery services. Our expertise, services, quality solutions and competitive prices show you the way.

Consider the following factors to realize why DSS is your best friend in need and crisis

  • Data Storage Solutions (DSS) has been a leading company of high reliability in computer data recovery carrying with it an experience of over 15 years.
  • DSS will be your most trusted company as it provides you with the best and cost effective Data Recovery Services such as Hard Drive recovery, RAID/NAS recovery, Server recovery etc.
  • DSS is equipped with the best-in-class tools and techniques to offer to all its customers with the most reliable customer service of high order.
  • We strongly believe in maintaining good relationship with all our customers supported by our transparent business practices.
  • In case of requests from our valued customers we do arrange to pick and deliver back the materials on chargeable basis.
  • DSS is equipped with CLASS 100 Clean Room for accurate hard disk recovery.

Task Accomplished

  • A Laptop of one of our very important Corporate client fell from 2nd floor. Laptop contained encrypted data in the hard drive. Data was successfully recovered.
  • Data was recovered even in a case where the PC hard drive burnt due to a short circuit.
  • We could recover the data even when the external drive was damaged in water
  • We were successful in recovering data in a case where the hard drive had been handled or tampered in very unprofessional manner with fingerprint on the platter.