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Recover Data from Damaged or corrupted / Hard Disk / Server / Raid / SSD / NAS


Hard Disc/Server Data Recovery by Data Storage Solution

We take our pride in customer satisfaction achieved through a highly skilled and qualified team of data recovery experts.

we can help you recover data from any stage of damage, corruption or file loss.
Our Team attends a lot of Hard disc manufacturer seminars to make sure they are up to date with recent technology updates, these seminars enable us to develop new methods of data recovery or hard disc recovery from any stage of corruption.

We constantly thrive to improve data recovery methods to speed up the recovery process for customers.

We help customers from corporate to individuals who have an issue with recovering data.

Our aim is to provide efficient services to diagnose and recover all kinds of data including Hard Drive Data Recovery , Laptop Hard Disc Data Recovery, External HardDrive Data Recovery, Solid State Drive Data Recovery, RAID, Server & NAS Data Recovery, Encryption Device Data Recovery, Database and File Recovery, Mobile/Tablet Data Recovery, Emergency Data Recovery, Operating system Data Recovery.

Why Choose Us?

  • we have experts with over two decades of industry experience in data recovery.
  • We Handle all types of Hard Drive/Data Storage media recovery.
  • We promise on Quality and safety of your data.
  • Fast or Quick service available.
  • Free Pick Up and delivery of your Hard Disc/Media.
  • 24/7/365 customer service
  • If data is not recovered you do not have to pay us anything.
  • Class 100 Cleanroom Facility.
  • Secure and certified data recovery.
  • We are trusted by companies like GE, ITC, Airtel and 24+ more.