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Encrypted Data Recovery

What is Encrypted Data Recovery ?

Encrypting hard drive Data Recovery offers security and protection of data. when you access your files from encrypted hard drive, you need to enter a password to unlock it,
it is how the drive is protected from unauthorized users access. However, if you forgot the password, you will not be able to access your encrypted hard drive and its files.

Good News is, it is possible to recover or restore data from an encrypted hard drive. the first thing you need is to decrypt EFS(encrypted) and unlock the hard drive partition,
and then recover data from an encrypted hard drive with a data recovery app.

Step 1: Unlock Encrypted Hard Drive or Encrypted Data Recovery
You can try to decrypt your hard drive and access your encrypted data with or without Certificates.

Method 1: Decrypt a hard drive using BitLocker (without Certificates)

  1. Head to Control Panel > System and Security > BitLocker Drive Encryption.
  2. Choose your encrypted hard drive and click Turn Off BitLocker. But this process may take several hours and please wait patiently.

Method 2: Decrypt encrypted hard drive using Certificates

You can unlock your encrypted hard drive easily if you have a certificate for the encrypted hard drive partition. Here is how to do:

  1. Go to Start and type: certmgr.msc and hit Enter
  2. Click and open Certificate Manager and choose Personal Folder in the left pane
  3. Now select Action > All Tasks > Import
  4. Follow the Certificate Import Wizard and onscreen guidance to decrypt the hard drive partition with certificate.

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