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Data Recovery in Bangalore
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Data Recovery
Services in Bangalore

At Data Storage Solutions, data loss is only temporary and we prove it every day with the highest data recovery success rate in the industry. Our volume of recovered data speaks for itself.

For over 17 years, Data Storage Solutions has performed professional data recovery on every kind of storage device including Desktop hard drive data recovery, Laptop hard drives data recovery, External / USB hard disc Data Recovery / Hard Disc Recovery, Server and RAID arrays data recovery, NAS, SAN, DAS, SSD, Encryption storage devices data recovery, Database & File Recovery, CCTV Data RecoveryFlash Card Data Recovery. and enterprise-level devices like RAIDs. We have proprietary tools to handle every kind of data loss situation on any server including physical and mechanical failure, backup failure, water and fire damage, data corruption, file deletion, head crash, system failure, and more. We conduct all our data recoveries using software and solutions that won’t further damage your device.

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Data Recovery Process

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We provide Data Recovery
Services & Repair

SSD Recovery in Bangalore

SSD Recovery

Solid State Drives are referred commonly to as SSD. It's a data storage platter/medium which uses solid-state memory...

HDD Recovery

​ External Hard Disk Data Recovery

Accidental spills and drops can affect your backups. Data Storage Solutions Services is the expert at recovering external drives from any scenario...

RAID Server Data Recovery​

RAID Server Data Recovery

Our dedicated team of experts at DSS recover RAID data and are trained to handle all of the current servers…

Encrypted data Recovery

Encrypted Data Recovery

Other data recovery companies may struggle with encrypted data recovery services, but we have unparalleled experience with the latest and all other encryption implementations...

Files Data Recovery

Files Data Recovery

Data Storage Solutions provide you with email recovery utilities for damaged files and deleted messages…

Desktop & Laptop Hard Drive Data Recovery

Desktop & Laptop Hard Drive Data Recovery

Our data recovery services support a full range of Operating Systems and Drive form factors. Recovering all types from sudden data loss…

Tapes Data Recovery in Bangalore

Tapes Data Recovery

It is a common practice to back up systems to tape drives as they are fast, convenient, and are of high capacity…

Flash Card Data Recovery

Digital photo recovery Data Storage Solutions provides services for anyone who is in search of digital photo recovery solutions…

CCTV Data Recovery

CCTV Data Recovery

The use of CCTV has become a necessity, and its use is more widespread. CCTV Data has been a good weapon…

Complete Projects

We understand the importance of customer satisfaction. That’s why we offer a range of services that are perfect for your business. From data recovery to data destruction, our team can help you stay top of the line and ensure your data is always safe.

Happy Customers

We want to make sure that our customers are happy with our services. We know that when you are using our data recovery services, you want the best possible experience. That’s why we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all of our services.


Why Choose an Expert
Data Recovery Company

Data Storage Solution has built a reputation as the most trusted data recovery company in the industry. We have the greatest number of industry-specific Positive Ratings, proving that both our facilities and employees exceed industry standards. It is our dedication to customer satisfaction and certified secure recovery process that has earned us a 5+ rating with the Better Customer.
Reasonable Price /Cost
Reasonable Price /Cost

We will be your most trusted company as we provide you with the best and most cost-effective Data Recovery Services.

Fast & Reliable
Fast & Reliable

DSS is one of the leading DATA RECOVERY COMPANY in Bangalore on whom you can depend for fast and best results.

Quality Service
Quality Service

DSS never compromise on Quality of Service. We always try to meet or exceed customer expectations.

Professional & Confidential
Professional & Confidential

We are equipped with the required professional workforce who ensures recovery of your data accurately.

Experience Matters
Experience Matters

DSS has been one of the leading Company of Computer Data Recovery carrying with it an experience of over 17 years.

Advanced Data Recovery Tools
Advanced Data Recovery Tools

We use best-in-class Data Recovery tools with experienced technicians who are experts in handling Data Recovery.

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Plan and Pricing


Level -1 Time Duration: 1 to 2Day
Rs 2,000/- to 3,000/-
  • Deleted Data
  • Formatted Data
  • Partition Corrupted/Lost
  • Sectors Overwritten
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Level -2 Time Duration: 2 to 4Days
Rs 3,000/- & Above (Depends on Conditions)
  • CRC Errors
  • Bad Sectors
  • PCB Issues
  • Firmware Issues
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Level -3 Time Duration: 6 to 12Days
Rs 7,000/- & Above (Depends on Conditions)
  • Motor Issues
  • Clicking Noise
  • Beeping Noise
  • Grinding Noise
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.Time Duration: 4 to 15Days
Rs 10,000/- & Above (Depends on Conditions)
  • Array Damaged/Corrupted
  • Drives Failures
  • Logical Errors.
  • RAID Controller
  • Damaged/Corrupted
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DSS Professional Data Recovery Services Provider in Bangalore

  • We are the fastest and most cost-effective data recovery service in Bangalore. We have a team of experienced and certified specialists who can help you recover data from any type of computer or device. We offer a wide range of data recovery services, from data recovery for personal computers to data recovery for business systems.
  • We provide data recovery services for desktop computer PC, laptop hard drive data recovery, SSD solid state drive data recovery, portable USB or external hard drive recovery, encryption recovery from a hard drive or SSD’s, server data recovery & RAID recovery from the storage array.
  • We are a professional data recovery service provider with years of experience in the field. Our team of experienced technicians will help you recover any data that has been lost or damaged in the past. We will work with you to restore your lost data and protect your privacy.
  • Get data recovery services near you so you can get your business back up and running as quickly as possible. Our experts are experts in data recovery, and we use the latest technology to recover your data. Contact us today to learn more about our data recovery services.

Get your SSD data recovered as soon as possible. We are a professional data recovery service that offers SSD recovery.



We are a professional data recovery company that offers desktop hard drive data recovery services for better results. Contact



We are a leading data recovery company in Bangalore. We offer data encryption services and can help you recover.



We are a reliable and experienced data recovery company. offer expert RAID data recovery services in Bangalore.



Our data recovery company can help you to recover data, contact data storage team for laptop & desktop hard drive data recovery services for better results!



We provide data storage solutions that can help you recover lost data and retrieve old photos. We have a wide range of services that can help you store, protect, and recover your lost data.



Get data recovery services to help you recover data from tapes quickly and easily. Our team of experts will help you to recover any data on tapes, so you can continue using your tapes without fear of data loss.



Recover deleted CCTV footage, video logs, and CCTV images from any computer or device. Our expert technicians are available 24/7 to help you recover CCTV data.


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We are Trusted DSS Clients

C. Suresh
Sr. Specialist Sales, MTS India
“I had given my personal laptop for service in Data Storage Solutions. I can’t believe that they have given me back in working condition within couple of days which other companies failed great services. Thanks for the Excellent service and Keep up the same work.”
Tirupati Rathod
Film maker, HSR layout, Bangalore
“I am a filmmaker and my external Hard drive crushed suddenly, I checked in Google and found ‘Data Storage Solutions’ , I had important data related to my profession and I gave my hard drive for data recovery and got my entire data recovered successfully. Thanks a ton to Data Storage Solutions”
Nagendra S
Module analylist, Shivajinagar, Bangalore
“One of my friends referred me here for data recovery as my HDD was crashed. They helped me to recover my complete data. It was an excellent service and can trust for data recovery. Best place for data recovery”
Data Storage Solutions
Hard drive data recovery, Laptop hard drive data recovery, External / USB hard disc Data Recovery, Server and RAID arrays data recovery, NAS, SAN, DAS, SSD, Encryption storage devices data recovery, Database & File Recovery, CCTV Data Recovery, Flash Card Data Recovery.
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Data Storage Solutions
Hard drive data recovery, Laptop hard drive data recovery, External / USB hard disc Data Recovery, Server and RAID arrays data recovery, NAS, SAN, DAS, SSD, Encryption storage devices data recovery, Database & File Recovery, CCTV Data Recovery, Flash Card Data Recovery.