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Data Storage Solutions

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Services in Bangalore

Experience the best data recovery services in Bangalore at Data Storage Solutions. Our expertise includes a range of solutions like recovering data from hard disk drives, SSDs, desktop computers, and more. Trust Data Storage Solutions for reliable data recovery in Bangalore.

Data Recovery in Bangalore

DSS Data Recovery Bangalore

#1 Data Recovery Services in Bangalore

Welcome to Data Storage Solutions, your most trusted partner for data recovery services in Bangalore. We specialize in HDD, SSD, desktop, external HDD, and RAID data recovery to securely restore your valuable data as soon as possible.

At Data Storage Solutions, we get how important your information is. We know losing it can really impact you or your business. So we provide lots of customized data recovery options in Bangalore. We can help you with hard disk data recovery, SSD data recovery, laptop data recovery, external hard drive data recovery, and so on.

Our experienced team uses the latest tools and tech to get your data back safely and securely – and quickly too. As one of the premier data recovery services in Bangalore, we offer you to rely on us to keep your info safe and assist if an unfortunate data loss occurs.

To us, it doesn’t matter what caused your data loss – hardware failure, software issues, virus infection, or anything else. We can totally help get your important info back. We customize our data recovery to fit each client’s unique situation. We offer flexible timing to limit downtime and recover data faster.

At Data Storage Solutions, we’re proud that we can recover data even from really tricky situations. We’ve got a proven track record of getting back people’s information from all kinds of devices – hard drives, SSDs, RAID systems, you name it. 

For trustworthy data recovery services in Bangalore, contact Data Storage Solutions today. We can guarantee that you’ll feel reassured about how we can recover your invaluable data.

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We provide Data Recovery
Services & Repair in Bangalore

SSD Recovery in Bangalore

SSD Recovery

Solid State Drives are referred commonly to as SSD. It's a data storage platter/medium which uses solid-state memory...

HDD Recovery

​ External Hard Disk Data Recovery

Accidental spills and drops can affect your backups. Data Storage Solutions Services is the expert at recovering external drives from any scenario...

RAID Server Data Recovery​

RAID Server Data Recovery

Our dedicated team of experts at DSS recover RAID data and are trained to handle all of the current servers…

Encrypted data Recovery

Encrypted Data Recovery

Other data recovery companies may struggle with encrypted data recovery services, but we have unparalleled experience with the latest and all other encryption implementations...

Files Data Recovery

Files Data Recovery

Data Storage Solutions provide you with email recovery utilities for damaged files and deleted messages…

Desktop & Laptop Hard Drive Data Recovery

Desktop & Laptop Hard Drive Data Recovery

Our data recovery services support a full range of Operating Systems and Drive form factors. Recovering all types from sudden data loss…

Tapes Data Recovery in Bangalore

Tapes Data Recovery

It is a common practice to back up systems to tape drives as they are fast, convenient, and are of high capacity…

Flash Card Data Recovery

Digital photo recovery Data Storage Solutions provides services for anyone who is in search of digital photo recovery solutions…

CCTV Data Recovery

CCTV Data Recovery

The use of CCTV has become a necessity, and its use is more widespread. CCTV Data has been a good weapon…

What is data recovery?

Data recovery is the process of getting lost or unavailable data back from storage devices like hard drives, SSDs, USB drives, and more.

Why would I need data recovery services?

When data is lost because of an accident, broken technology, a virus, or something else out of your control, you need data recovery services.

What types of storage devices can be recovered?

Most data recovery services can get data back from hard drives, SSDs, RAID arrays, USB drives, memory cards, and other storage devices.

Is there any data loss scenario that cannot be recovered?

Most of the time, you can get your data back, but sometimes you can't. This is especially true if the recording device is physically damaged and can't be fixed.

How long does the data recovery process take?

How long it takes to get your data back relies on many things, like the type of problem, the size of the storage device, and how complicated the data is. It could be a few hours or a few days.

Is my data safe and secure during the recovery process?

Data protection and privacy are important to reputable data recovery services. They should have strict rules in place to make sure that your data stays safe while they are recovering it.

How much does data recovery cost?

Data recovery costs vary based on things like the type of gadget, how bad the problem is, and who you use to do it. Some companies offer free evaluations with prices given up front, while others charge a flat fee or use a tiered pricing system.

Can I attempt data recovery on my own using software tools?

Even though there are software tools for data recovery, trying to do it yourself can be dangerous and may cause you to lose more data if you don't do it right. For important info, you should use a professional data recovery service.

What is the success rate of data recovery services?

The success rate depends on the situation and how well the data recovery service knows what to do. Services with a good reputation usually have a high rate of success, but there are no guarantees, especially in cases of serious data loss.

What precautions should I take to prevent data loss in the future?

To keep from losing important data, you should back it up regularly, use reliable security software, keep storage devices from getting damaged, and follow best practices for managing and storing data.

Do data recovery services work for both Mac and Windows systems?

Yes, data recovery services are available for both Mac and Windows computers, as well as for many other operating systems and file systems.

How can I choose the right data recovery service provider?

Before making a choice, you should look into possible service providers, read reviews, check their certifications and expertise, ask about their data security practices, and get a quote or evaluation.

What information do I need to provide to the data recovery service?

You should say what kind of storage device it was, why the data was lost, if there were any warning messages, and how important the data was. This helps the service get a true picture of your situation.

Is there any way to prevent data loss in the event of a disaster like a fire or flood?

Offsite and cloud backups are good ways to protect data from tragedies that happen in the real world. If you keep backups in a different place, your data will still be safe.

Can data recovery services retrieve data from a formatted drive?

Yes, data recovery services can often get data back from a drive that has been formatted, but the success rate relies on things like how much the drive was formatted and how it was used after that.

Frequently Asked Questions

Complete Projects

We understand the importance of customer satisfaction. That’s why we offer a range of services that are perfect for your business. From data recovery to data destruction, our team can help you stay top of the line and ensure your data is always safe.

Happy Customers

We want to make sure that our customers are happy with our services. We know that when you are using our data recovery services, you want the best possible experience. That’s why we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all of our services.


Why Choose an Expert Data Recovery Company

Data Storage Solution has built a name as the most reliable company in the data recovery business. We have the most Positive Ratings in our industry, which shows that both our facilities and workers are better than average. Better Customer has given us a 4.8+ grade because we work hard to make sure our customers are happy and our recovery process is certified as safe.
Reasonable Price /Cost
Reasonable Price /Cost

We will be the company you trust the most because we give you the best Data Recovery Services at the best price.

Fast & Reliable
Fast & Reliable

DSS is one of the best DATA RECOVERY COMPANIES in Bangalore that you can count on to get you the best results quickly.

Quality Service
Quality Service

DSS never gives up on service quality. We always try to meet or beat what our customers want.

Professional & Confidential
Professional & Confidential

We have the professional staff needed to make sure that your data is recovered correctly.

Experience Matters
Experience Matters

DSS has been one of the top companies in the field of computer data recovery for more than 17 years.

Advanced Data Recovery Tools
Advanced Data Recovery Tools

We have experienced technicians who are pros at Data Recovery who use the best tools for Data Recovery.

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Plan and Pricing


Level -1
Time Duration: 1 to 2Day
Rs 2,000/- to 3,000/-
  • Deleted Data
  • Formatted Data
  • Partition Corrupted/Lost
  • Sectors Overwritten
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Level -2
Time Duration: 2 to 4Days
Rs 3,000/- & Above (Depends on Conditions)
  • CRC Errors
  • Bad Sectors
  • PCB Issues
  • Firmware Issues
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Level -3
Time Duration: 6 to 12Days
Rs 7,000/- & Above (Depends on Conditions)
  • Motor Issues
  • Clicking Noise
  • Beeping Noise
  • Grinding Noise
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Time Duration: 4 to 15Days
Rs 10,000/- & Above (Depends on Conditions)
  • Array Damaged/Corrupted
  • Drives Failures
  • Logical Errors.
  • RAID Controller
  • Damaged/Corrupted
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DSS Professional Data Recovery Services Provider in Bangalore

Data Storage Solutions is the top choice for people and businesses needing professional data recovery services in Bangalore. Our expertise spans across Bangalore and various parts of India. We offer a wide range of data recovery solutions. Our skilled team is great at recovering lost data from hard drives, external devices, and encrypted files.

For our services, we use state-of-the-art tools and advanced tech so we can get back your important data fast and without hassle. Our knowledgeable specialists are excellent at salvaging data from different devices. We assist people who’ve lost key files, family photos, or vital business info to recover what matters most. If your device has problems, depend upon our reliable service, considered one of the top data recovery services in Bangalore. 

With our expertise and specialized tools, we can retrieve data from many hard drive types – including portable external drives – while protecting security and privacy. As a Bangalore-based company, we are dedicated to helping people and businesses get back lost data safely, quickly, and affordably. With our digital support, finding a reliable data recovery service is convenient. Our experienced crew is prepared to provide stellar service and support.

Offering top-notch data recovery in Bangalore and everywhere in India is our main objective. We really pride ourselves on putting customer needs first. We continually exceed expectations by providing fast, efficient data recovery solutions. We strongly feel each client deserves top-tier service. This motivates us to ensure their total satisfaction. 

At Data Storage Solutions Company, we understand the hassle of losing data. So we are committed to giving our customers data recovery services that are fast, efficient, and budget-friendly. We strongly feel top-notch data recovery services should be available to everyone. We make sure to do our very best to turn it into a reality.

When looking for reliable data recovery services in Bangalore or other Indian cities, Data Storage Solutions is your one-stop destination. Our skilled pros can rapidly recover your data without any hassle. We offer reliable, budget-friendly data recovery tailored to your specific needs. 

Our experienced team excels in delivering top-notch data recovery services in Bangalore. Whether you’re looking for hard drive data recovery or laptop data recovery nearby, we swiftly retrieve crucial data, ensuring your privacy is our top priority. We offer urgent data recovery services to get you back up and running ASAP.

We also excel at various data recovery services. If your external hard disk isn’t being detected or you accidentally reformatted, we have the tools and skills to recover your data. Count on us for efficient and secure data recovery services in Bangalore. We specialize in hard disk data recovery and laptop data recovery, ensuring your valuable data is recovered with the utmost precision. Your data is too valuable to lose – we’re here to help get it back.


Get your SSD data recovered as soon as possible. We are a professional data recovery service that offers SSD recovery.



We are a professional data recovery company that offers desktop hard drive data recovery services for better results. Contact



We are a leading data recovery company in Bangalore. We offer data encryption services and can help you recover.



We are a reliable and experienced data recovery company. offer expert RAID data recovery services in Bangalore.



Our data recovery company can help you to recover data, contact data storage team for laptop & desktop hard drive data recovery services for better results!



We provide data storage solutions that can help you recover lost data and retrieve old photos. We have a wide range of services that can help you store, protect, and recover your lost data.



Get data recovery services to help you recover data from tapes quickly and easily. Our team of experts will help you to recover any data on tapes, so you can continue using your tapes without fear of data loss.



Recover deleted CCTV footage, video logs, and CCTV images from any computer or device. Our expert technicians are available 24/7 to help you recover CCTV data.


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We are Trusted DSS Clients

Aghil Paulson
Aghil Paulson
Very professional services. Seems to have a great amount of experience in this field, as well as dealing with customers and their concerns. The pace of services was also quite good.
Payal Singh
Payal Singh
I had a very good experience with Sudheer Sir, he is very genuine and professional.I had deleted my NAS data from WD cloud which has no recycle bin enabled. Those data has my kids childhood pictures, which are very close to me. Before coming down to here I called to approx 12 other data recovery center but I decided to go with me as his quotation was sounding as per market. I am glad I came here and recovered my entire data.Service was quick and hassle free as well. I think sudheer sir should start taking session over his management and entrepreneurship journey as well. Good luck sir !
Kushalkumar Jambigi
Kushalkumar Jambigi
Data recovery done 💯. Satisfied .
narendra yadav
narendra yadav
Recently I managed to get my all data recovered from a faulty hard disk,entire recovery process was smooth and very well explained. I really liked the interaction with sudheer and he has good experience in this field.IReally recommend for anyone who is looking for recover data instead of going for much expensive data recovery solutions from reputed company . This is the best in business when it comes to data recovery in Bangalore.
Mahesh Kumar
Mahesh Kumar
Such a sweet guys recovered all my data approximately 1TB of data was just restored in a day., N sorted my issue thanks to you guys.,
Santhosh Mallan
Santhosh Mallan
Data Storage Solutions is the best solution provider in retrieving the deleted data. Sudheer helped in getting back the precious photos from the hard disk which was hard deleted. Thanks Sudheer sir.
Gurudev Kumar
Gurudev Kumar
One place for all your data recovery solutions
Sachin Rathore
Sachin Rathore
My laptop hard disk formatted. I Reached out to Data Recovery and right from the initial discussion over the phone with sudheer and he made me feel confident on my data retrieval and he technically explains the issues and solutions, as assured they stuck to their commitment and delivered the retrieved data on time . I got 100% from hard drive and price is very normal compared to other service providers. I am completely satisfied with their Professionalism and customer commitment. Completely satisfied and highly recommend their customer and technical service rendered. Wishing them all the best.
Ramesh Marat
Ramesh Marat
Excellent, sincere and prompt services in data recovery from failed hard drive. Sudheer is easily reachable. He explained all the steps involved. He himself organised pick and drop of item. Cost effective quick ontime services helped me in recovering crucial data.
Neha Jain
Neha Jain
Great service. Extremely caring. Great people and cost effective. Hands down work with them

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