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Data Recovery Service Provider in Bangalore India

With 20+ Years of Experience & Expertise

At Data Storage Solution(DSS), we believe in providing Fast, Cost Effective & Professional Data Recovery Services in Bangalore, Karnataka & all India. You can count on our recovery services for your data loss whether it is a Laptop data recovery from hard disk, Desktop hard drive data recovery, Enterprise storage data recovery, Portable / USB hard drives data recovery, Memory or SD cards, Servers & RAID Arrays data recovery like NAS, SAN, DAS, SSD and all types of storage media data loss in any condition can be successfully recovered.

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We have over 20 years of Experience and Expertise in handling recovery cases starting from 200-500 MB hard drives to the latest 15-1000 TB drives, and server drives up to 2500 TB. Our Company has our own Inbuilt new data recovery Lab with research and development (R & D) team which handles data recovery services even when the cases are rejected from other companies, like Physically Damaged, Clicking drives, Fire incident, Water damaged and complex recovery cases in hard drives and other data storage media.

Data Recovery Method

DSS Hard Disc Data Recovery Service

We have worked on Data Recovery from Desktop Computer Hard Drive Data Recovery, Encryption Hard Drive or SSD Data Recovery, PC/Mac Laptop Hard Disk Data Recovery, SSD Solid State Drives Data Recovery, Server Data Recovery & RAID Array Data Recovery Services, External & Portable USB Hard Drive Data Recovery.

Recovery from any kind of file formats whether it is Photo Recovery, Video Recovery, Audio Recovery, Tally Data Recovery, File Repair & Data Extraction, CCTV / DVR, or Encrypted file formats.

We adopt a new scientific and unique data recovery process for each data storage solution drive’s which involves a deep knowledge about Media and Expertise in data extraction services with reverse engineering, using the latest & advanced data recovery tools and techniques during data crises and step by step methods is adapted to extract lost data or information. We assign dedicated technical experts to handle each type of media, Our Engineers are specialists in handling the following kinds of drive failures like 

Logical Data Recovery like deleted or formatted, Electronic failures or complete PCB board damages, Firmware recovery, CRC & I/O errors, Bad sectors / Disk Errors, and Physically damaged media data recovery services. Experts in our company ensure every bit of data is extracted and retrieved from damaged media, even new data recovery cases like firmware locking and SA, not accessible drives are being successfully completed.

We guarantee your data, being data recovery services leader as we use the Best Industry Practices and in our ISO 5 Certified 100 Clean Room Lab Recovery Environment & Best-in-class data recovery tools and techniques to handle each model of hard drives.

We at DSS provide data recovery services with 98-99% and above Data Accuracy on 100% Data Recovery Cases. With the best success rate in the industry with top data recovery providers, we give our maximum efforts to an expert technical team for bringing back your valuable data.

Your data is treated as 100% confidential by our confidentiality policy. Because we respect your Privacy and Confidentiality of your corporate and personal data. The same method of data handling and confidentiality is handled for Personal data, 

 Military/Army, Government, and Corporate recovery solutions.

You can see your data before we deliver the recovered data & a detailed screenshot of recovered data will be provided for cross verification after all the data recovery services are completed. We provide Free Pickup and delivery of the media from your nearby or your location, so now you don’t need to rely on your data recovery services nearby or close by random computer shops near you, but you can choose top professionals like us.

We handle Hard Drive Brands like Transcend, Sony, HP,  IBM, Fujitsu, Compaq, Dell, Lenovo, Iomega, Seagate Data Recovery, Western Digital Data Recovery, Toshiba Data Recovery, Hitachi / HGST Data Recovery, Samsung Data Recovery, Synology, Acer, Maxtor, Buffalo, LG, Netapp, Kingston, Quantum data recovery service providers near me.

Most of our IT Vendors and End-users ship their personal drives to us from various cities like Mumbai, New Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, Hyderabad, and various parts of India for their successful data recovery, the drive can be shipped to us via courier or you can outsource to us, you can follow the courier instructions.

We Provide Consultation on basic data recovery on future data crises, Data Storage Solutions, Data Backup, and Data Recovery services and we suggest applications for data backup solutions for the server level. We provide Security Consultation on data storage solutions.

This makes us the best data recovery service providers in Bangalore with a 100% success rate and feedback of 4.9 ratings out of 5 by our customers.

We also provide support on backup and drive/data crashes in Personal and Enterprise Storage Drives. We also suggest data care services for securing your data for future data loss.