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SSD data recovery cost

Data Storage Solution SSD not working
SSD usage is gaining momentum, and most experts believe that it might completely replace HDD in 5 to 8 years of time. Hence it is more important to make sure that we understand its pro’s and con’s, specially because technology is updating everyday. Every few months we have seen new and improved versions of devices that makes using SSD more easy to use.

The most important feature SSD provides is higher speed. It is true that the HDD manufacturers are also using technology such as SMR (shingled magnetic recording) and even possibly HAMR(heat-assisted magnetic recording) but it won’t be enough to save HDD as after some time HDD manufacturing costs will increase due to less people using it and more consumers preferring SDD technology will reduce its cost.

HDD’s most disadvantage area is the wear and tear of the hardware parts. the spinning parts of HDD wear out Quickly.

Spindle Bearing: the spin rate of bearings on HDD is 7,200 RPM. Your desktop PC HDD hard drive exceeds the speed limit on most Indian highways. these bearings may contain some lubricants but despite that, they will die due to friction eventually. SSD does not have any of the moving parts hence no issue of wear/tear.

Data recovery from HDD drive is easier than SSD. but data recovery is a delicate operation assuming the platters are still intact and requires a clean 100 room. A typical lifecycle of PC hardware is 5 to 7 years, and usually, SSD drives outlast the normal 5 to 7 years usage which makes them a better option. But data recovery from SSD hard drive is more difficult than HDD even with a clean environment. Hence the recovery cost of SSD can only be determined after pre-analysis of SSD drive but on average, it starts at 15000+.

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